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College Lessons: The Hard Work Before the Acceptance Letter • FAFSA Changes • Feel Good While You Do Good: Four Steps to Maximize Your Satisfaction and Effectiveness When Donating to Charity • ROI vs ROS • 5 Fundamentals Series: Invest in Your Career/Yourself
Life Gets in the Way! • Can Money Buy Happiness? • Benefits of a Deep Freeze • 5 Fundamentals Series: Own the Right-Sized Home
Ways to Create an Affordable Family Vacation • Advice for New (and Maybe Not-So-New) Couples • What I Have Learned • Why Knowing Your Tax Rate Is Important
Prepare for Retirement: Take Steps Today to Benefit Tomorrow • Do Well While Doing Good • What I Tell Clients Who Want to Buy Gold • A Comparison of Retirement Strategies and Financial Planner Value • Don’t Succumb to Fear and Greed • It’s Time to Gear Up for Tax Season
Should You Contribute to a Traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k)? • Recommendations for Recent Widows • Good Debt, Bad Debt, Acceptable Debt – It Pays to Know the Difference
Help Your Teen Set Financial Goals and Find a Summer Job • Your Money and Your Mind - The Market Timing Trap • 5 Fundmentals Series: Pay Yourself First
Keep or Toss? | Resources for Parents of College Students | Lucky You! You Found Love | How Much Cash?
Financial Tips for Young Adults | Exit Planning for Small Business Owners | Helpful Tips About 401(k) Investment Plans
Moving Forward in 2013 with ATRA | Financial Advice, then Romance? | College Loan Common Sense | The General Purpose of Insurance
Tis a Gift to be Simple | Biweekly Mortgage Payments | Put Your Gratitude Into Action | How To Divide Personal Property Fairly
Our New Investment Reality | Seven Practical Steps to Prevent Identity Theft | UTMA and UGMAs: What Are They? | Taxmageddon
Fee Disclosure Won't Fix Your 401k | SAA Online Statement Tool | Securing Your Computer’s Important Information | “Magical Thinking” Isn’t A Plan
Advice for New Parents | Breaking Up Isn’t Always Hard to Do| Make Sure You Buy and Are Not Sold | The Fear of Budgeting
Smart Tax Strategies | How to Get the Best Mortgage | Suggestions for Year-End Charitable Giving | Towheads, Bulls and Bears, Oh My!
Long Term Care | Women and Retirement | Student Loan Repayment | Never Put Squid Down the Disposal (and other charitable tax tips)
Why Your Working Teen Needs a Roth IRA | Wake-up Calls for Disaster Planning | What to Keep? What to Toss? | Simple Credit Card Strategies
Making Your Joint Finances Work | Do’s & Don’ts of Passing Down Vacation Property | Five Awful Investments | Money-Smart Steps for Recent Widows
Not a New Depression | Spot & Stop Senior Financial Exploitation | Taxing Election Season | Finding A Safe Withdrawal Rate
Three Crucial Numbers for Roth Conversion | Worker Shortages: Boomers on the Job | Be Prepared for an IRS Audit | If You're Not Saving, You're Spending Too Much
Lessons from the “Lost Decade” | Roth Conversions | Personal Financial Synergy | Giving the Gift of a Financial Planning
Financial Aid for New Students and Their Parents | Three New Tax Credits | You Are Wealthier Than You Think | Fiscal Fitness Can Improve Your Physical Fitness
A Lost Decade? | Read Any Good Ones Lately? | Holidays and Gifts | Saving Our Economy the Old-Fashioned Way
Are We Turning the Corner Yet? | Money Pitfalls to Avoid When Getting a Divorce | Steps to Achieving Great Goals | Maintaining Your Balance in Rocky Times
Paying for College: Beyond Student Loans | All About Strips | Good Money Sense in an “I Want it Now” Society | Enjoying Solid Benefits from Home Renovations
Time to Act? | Seven Financial Issues for New Parents | Talking with Parents about Money: What Help will they Need? | What Do All Those Letters Mean? (Financial Credentials)
Mutual Funds: Why No Loads and Low Costs Matter | Preparing for the Inevitable | Investment Choices Made Easier: The ACA Suggested Funds List | Caring for Elderly Loved Ones from Afar
“Mom and Dad, Can We Talk About Money?” | Reasons People Fail at Investing | Ideas for Raising Money-Smart Kids: Allowances and Teaching Kids How to Work, Save, and Invest | Selling Investment Returns
Financial Fitness Checkup | Are Bonds Really Safe | Recent Market Turmoil | Your Most Valuable Investment
Wild Black Raspberries | Vacant Homes--Avoiding Financial Devastation | Securities Scams | Podcast for Young Adults
How to Pay for Your Long-Term Care | Financial Independence | Bert Whitehead’s Book | The Perplexing World of Social Security
Home Mortgage Accelerator | Live Long & Prosper | Stormy Weather Ahead | Hiring Family Members
The Case for Tax Diversification | Tips for Newleyweds & Grads | Cambridge & You | Economic Man Meets Reality Man | What Does the Pension Protection Act of 2006 Mean for You?