Book Recommendations

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money: Overcoming Financial Dysfunction by Bert Whitehead
This is a great book for someone trying to figure out his or her finances. It’s the blueprint for a lot of the work that I do with clients.

Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art of Manifestation, by David Spangler
Long before “The Secret” David Spangler was writing about spiritually attracting the things that you want. New age without being woo-woo, this is a book about the law of attraction.

The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing by Ann Weiser Cornell
A book that teaches a technique for how to get un-stuck

It's Not About the Coffee: Lessons on Putting People First from a Life at Starbucks by Howard Behar
Stories from the manager who is behind Starbuck’s success.

Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time by Howard Schultz
Stories from Starbuck’s vision guy.

Rehl Cover
Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows by Kathleen M. Rehl
A beautiful book to help women during this transition.

Stanny Cover
Overcoming Underearning(R): A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life by Barbara Stanny
This books offers guidance for those who want to use their emotions to their advantage.

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