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7 Keys to Financial Independence

Why are you working so hard, anyway? It’s because you want to obtain Financial Independence. But financial independence doesn’t happen all at once. It begins when we’re starting out as adults and means something entirely different to us as we approach retirement. It means that we’ve reached the “critical mass” where we can live off of our investments, social security and pension income without worrying about regular employment. It’s the state that most of us want to enjoy.

But we don’t make it there by accident. It takes habits that are honed over a lifetime. This special report details exactly what you need to do to reach financial independence and stay there as quickly as possible.

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7 Keys to Financial Independence
This report outlines how to get and stay on the road to financial independence, no matter what your stage in life.

More Money, Less Angst e-zine
This e-zine, written by Bridget Sullivan Mermel, is unconventional wisdom on finances. Each issue brings together personal finance topics of the day to help you get an unbiased view of what’s going on in the financial world. The end result is a better understanding of and lower anxiety about money.

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